What's this all about?


Come and SEE what God is doing! ENCOURAGE and STAND ALONGSIDE those working for the gospel across this country of Australia! Jump on board the bus with a team you organise or a team that is already going!

In a nutshell, we provide all logistical arrangements including the driver, the bus, the trailer with full catering facilities and accommodation (mostly in tents). We also provide training for teams planning to head out. We are excited to work with those that we have developed relationships with over 20 years; and develop new strategies with churches, mission agencies and workers/churches on the ground.

Where are we headed?


We look forward to continuing what we have been doing in engaging in the ministry happening in Aboriginal communities.

We recognise too that we have the facilities to serve a range of ministries/trips around Australia with what we provide.

Do you think we can help you?

  • Maybe you have a staff team that you want to take away to develop unity

  • Maybe you want to take a team somewhere but you don't have the facilities to get out there

Our Vision



1. Mobilise and Challenge 

We are passionate to see those in the Australian church mobilised for the gospel and challenged to take its message to all nations. Our prayer is that these trips will help those who come in considering how they might be part of this: by confirming a desire and future practise in cross-cultural ministry; by thinking more intentionally about being a follower of Jesus in the workplace; by being more engaged in local churches; and ultimately growing to know and love God even more richly.

2. Encourage and Stand Alongside

We desire to see local Christians/leaders as well as field workers encouraged in their walks with Jesus and work for the gospel. We seek to be very careful in our approach to work effectively so as not to impinge on long-term ministry; to not be a burden as short-termers; and to contribute effectively in a learning manner.




  • Be exposed to different worldviews and cultures

  • See how God is working in different people groups across Australia

  • Experience life in the outback firsthand


  • Get alongside those working for the gospel and support them in their long-term ministry through encouragement, prayer, testimonies, bible study, kid’s programs

  • Serve God as part of a team as you travel and visit these places together

  • Be challenged to consider what partnership with local churches looks like: one that supports their vision to make disciples amongst the unreached in Australia


  • Learn what it is like to serve in remote communities

  • Learn more about God’s purpose for the world through personal and team devotions


  • Consider how you might get involved and use your gifts in God’s purpose for the nations, whether that be in Australia or across the globe

  • Look for strategic ways to multiply new teams in gospel ministry, with a vision to make and multiply new disciples of Jesus in Australia.


If you would like an idea of what we believe from the Bible, go and check out this STATEMENT OF FAITH which is taken from the Pioneers of Australia website with whom Rob & Jenni Alley work. If you have questions about this, let us know!